VOC water contamination

VOC water contamination

By now, you should know already that water contaminants are ubiquitous. They come from various sources and are almost always present in our water samples. The sheer number of possible water contaminants render it almost impossible for the water supplied to your home to be completely free of all contaminants. But studies by environmental protection activists have made us know that some contaminants are more concentrated in some areas that others. One of the contaminants that have been identified as a source of concern in our area is the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

What are VOCs?

VOCs are carbon containing compounds that are known to evaporate easily from water samples into the air, hence the term ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’. They are responsible for the pungent odor of gasoline and many other organic solvents. They are usually passed into ground water from industrial wastes such as fossils, fuels, cleaners, solvents, etc. The presence of VOCs in drinking water supplies have been identified as a potential health risk. People who get their drinking water supplies from wells that are close to the source of water contamination are at a greater risk. So if your well is located close to an industrial area, gas plant, landfill, railroad track, etc. you should be even more concerned about this problem.

Why should you be worried?

Several human and animal studies have shown that VOCs could be extremely toxic to humans at certain concentrations. Many of the VOCs that have been detected in drinking water supplies are known carcinogens. They are known to produce compounds that cause various cancers when they react with our cellular materials. Although limits of VOC concentration in drinking water have been established by the regulatory bodies, the only way to be sure of your water supply is to find a means of eliminating the VOCs yourself. Moreover, the presence of more than one VOC in your water supply may lead to additive effects even if the concentration of both compounds is within the established limits. At certain levels, VOCs are known to damage the nervous system and some vital organs in the body such as the kidneys and the liver.

What’s the way out

Even if you are sure the concentration of VOC in your drinking water supply is within the safety limits established, it is always better to install a personal water purification system in order to eliminate VOCs totally. One of the reasons why you should do this is because of the additive effect of VOC contamination explained above. Moreover, if you are using a private well, you cannot be too sure of the purity of the water especially if you live in an industrial area.

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