The problem of trihalomethanes (THMs) contamination

The problem of trihalomethanes (THMs) contamination

The concern of water contamination is a global one; one that has been around for ages. Giant strides in the fight against water contamination have been made in the past and the discovery of the antimicrobial effects of chlorine is one of them. However, recent studies revealed that the widespread use of chlorine as a disinfectant in drinking water could have harmful health effects. One of the class of compounds responsible for the devastating health effects are the ‘trihalomethanes’.

What are trihalomethanes (THMs)?

The name is representative of a group of four compounds: chloroform, bromoform, dibromochloromethane, and bromodichloromethane. These compound are products of the reaction between chlorine and organic as well as inorganic compounds that are naturally present in water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is already aware of the health hazards posed by these compounds and safety limits have been set to regulate the concentration of trihalomethanes present in drinking water samples that are treated with chlorine. In the United States, the EPA limits the total concentration of the four chief constituents (chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, and dibromochloromethane), referred to as total trihalomethanes (TTHM). Chloroform is easily the predominant trihalomethane while dibromochloromethane has been identified as the compound that poses the most serious threat.

Why should you be concerned?

Trihalomethanes are known carcinogens. Experimental studies in laboratory animals have confirmed their carcinogenicity. They have also been shown to be capable of inducing cell mutation in human cells. Exposure to the health risks of THMs can occur via drinking contaminated water, inhaling the vapour of water contaminated with THMs, and through skin contact. THMs have been linked with bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and many other types of cancer. The risk of cancer increases with prolonged exposure to certain levels of THMs.

What’ the way out?

An Aquarena TWIN SYSTEM is your best bet to obtaining 100% pure and safe water for drinking in your home. The Aquarena TWIN SYSTEM is equipped with a specialized filter media that works on the principle of scales reduction technology and is capable of eliminating any trace of THMs in your drinking water samples. The design is such that the system can be specially optimized to guard against TTHM contamination if that is prevalent in your area.

The system’s durability and huge capacity also means you would be spending much less on maintenance in the long run. Another obvious advantage of an Aquarena TWIN SYSTEM lies in the ease of cleaning. You can spend your time and energy on more productive tasks because the system doesn’t need frequent cleaning and costly annual maintenances.

Rest assured, you would get a constant stream of drinking water that is free from chlorine and other possible water contaminants. So why not make the best decision for your health and that of your family today by going the Aquarena way?