How safe is the water you drink?

How safe is the water you drink? Study finds contaminants in California Public water supplies

Recent data from California’s Water Resources Control Board revealed that not less than 700,000 California residents are currently exposed to the contaminated water either at home or at schools and other public places. Experts have purported that even this seemingly high number represents only a moderate estimate. The state data fails to account for about 2 million residents who rely on private wells and it doesn’t factor contamination from hexavalent chromium.

The nature and source of the contaminants vary widely. Residents have expressed great concern over the presence of high levels of radioactive contaminants as revealed by the state data. Uranium levels in the tap water supplied to some households were shown to exceed five times the limit considered safe for drinking by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The residents are increasingly aware of the dangers of persistent exposure to such levels of contaminants as well as acute exposure to higher levels. Executive Director of the Community Water Center, a non-profit organization working to ensure communities have access to safe and affordable water, Laurel Firestone spreads the message to other residents. She highlights the carcinogenic potential of the contaminants and also mentions the potentially fatal effect of the exposure to high levels of nitrate. Her organization also advocates against uranium exposure through contaminated water, highlighting nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as liver and kidney damage as some of the short-term health effects. The long-term exposure can cause cancer, particularly of the bone and liver.

The water scarcity problem

Issues bordering around the availability of water for domestic use further compounds the contaminated water problem. According to state data released in 2017, more than 3,500 California residents reported having wells that are dry. Some people travel more than 5 miles in order to buy water for domestic use. Many residents that are aware of the health risks of drinking contaminated tap water already refrained from drinking the water. Some even go to the extent of not giving it to their pets and we can hardly blame them.

The Aquarena solution

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