Comparing the Aquarena water purification system with conventional water purification systems

Comparing the Aquarena water purification system with conventional water purification systems

With the growing concern over environmental pollution and the resulting contamination of drinking water with industrial and biological pollutants, there is a growing need for households to install personal purification systems. No one wants to hear this but the truth remains that the quality and purity of the water you drink cannot be guaranteed. Industrial and agricultural waste discharge has resulted in a widespread pollution of water bodies by heavy metals, microorganisms and chemical contamination.

The conventional water purification systems are not fully equipped to address this problem. This is why you need an innovative water purification system that offers something different from the rest. The Aquarena water system is the perfect example of such modern water purification system that is excellently designed and optimized to take care of all possible drinking water contaminants. Here are some key differences between the Aquarena system and conventional water purification systems.

All in one purification system

There are different sources of water contaminants and as mentioned earlier, not all water purification systems are fully equipped to deal with all the sources. Conventional water systems may have features that are capable of addressing bacterial contaminants but fail to get rid of heavy metals from your drinking water. Thus, you would need to buy more than one purification system to get the job done. Aquarena systems, on the other hand, are adequately equipped to take care of all possible water contaminants. Thus, you don’t need to spend more on multiple systems or worry about space.

Reduced risk of cross-contamination

Aquarena water systems are equipped with easy replacement cartridges that serve to reduce cross contamination. Such advanced technology is absent in conventional water purification systems that still employ drop-in style filter cartridges. And, we all know that no one ever cleans filter housings where bacteria is easily accumulated. Furthermore, most of these filter cartridges are of low quality and could break easily. This breakage would lead to water loss and unforeseen maintenance costs.

Save on replacement filter cost

Aquarena water systems employ a lesser number of filters when compared with conventional water systems while still handling the purification process adequately. Additionally, the Aquarena components are made of NSF certified materials which are quite strong and durable and frequent replacement would definitely not be necessary. The same cannot be said of conventional water purification systems.

LED Replacement Indicator

The Innovative LED Faucet will automatically signal when it’s time for filter replacements. The friendly reminder feature ensures you can always maintain the system operating at optimal performance and avoids overuse of filters. This feature is yet another great innovation that makes the Aquarena system superior to conventional water purification systems.

Energy saving, DIY friendly design, easy application

Aquarena systems are user-friendly and easy to use, plus you do not need an external source of energy before you can purify your water if you use an Aquarena system. All you need is to connect the system to the water source and you can enjoy 100% safe and pure water all year round.

An Aquarena water purification system is definitely your best bet for all-around protection and convenience. The state-of-the-art design and technology place it a notch higher than conventional water purification systems and you surely won’t want to settle for less when it comes to your drinking water purification system.