Chlorine and Chloramine contamination in water samples

The disinfectant property of chlorine was discovered a long time ago and the compound is still widely employed in water purification to this day. To its credit, chlorine is highly effective in destroying waterborne microorganisms that are capable of causing potentially fatal diseases. If anything, you can be sure that water treated with chlorine would be free from a wide range of disease-causing microorganism. However, recent discoveries have shown that chlorine isn’t exactly the gift that keeps on giving. Although the beneficial effects of chlorine are undoubted, the presence of chlorine in drinking water has been shown to lead to devastating health effects.

The danger of chlorination of drinking water

Scientific and technological advances made it possible to identify and detect the presence of even slight concentrations of many compounds that were unknown many years ago. This advancement led to the detection of halogenated organic compounds e.g. chloroform. Subsequently, studies showed that such compounds are highly toxic to human cells.

Cancer is the most common health issue that has been associated with drinking water containing chlorine and chlorinated compounds. When these compounds react with oxygen in the air, they form highly reactive products that are capable of destroying human cells. The reaction of these highly unstable compounds with our cellular materials leads to a mutation and consequently, cancer. Studies have shown that people that drink water containing chlorine are a higher risk of developing rectal and bladder cancers.

Removing chlorine from water samples

The removal of chlorine from water samples shouldn’t involve any kind of risk-benefit assessment. As highlighted earlier, the dangers of chlorine and chloramine contamination are such that you cannot afford to risk your health or that of your family. Therefore, you need to ensure all traces of chlorine or chlorinated compounds are eliminated from your drinking water.

What’ the way out?

An Aquarena TWIN SYSTEM is your best bet to obtain 100% pure and safe water for drinking in your home and workplace. The Aquarena TWIN SYSTEM is equipped with a specialized filter that works on the principle of advance scales reduction technology and is capable of eliminating chlorine and chloramine compounds from your water samples. The design is such that the system can be specially optimized to guard against chorine contamination if that is prevalent in your area. The system’s durability and huge capacity also means you would be saving much less on maintenance costs in the long run.

Rest assured, you would get a constant stream of drinking water that is free from chlorine and other possible water contaminants. So why not make the best decision for your health and that of your family today by going the Aquarena way?